2012 – Fast Food Twenty-Fourth Helping

The Sanskrit word for war, ‘gavisti,’ literally means “searching for cows”, “desire for more cows.”

For the American and European bankers and the controllers of multinational corporations, who bribe or blackmail American and European politicians and judges to make laws, rules and regulations to propagandize, to entice or to force young people into the military, what is the ‘gavisti’ they desire to get by sending a nation’s military into strangle people until they get it from them? Is it oil? Water? Cheap labor? Minerals? Fertile farmland?

Is it even reasonably conceivable that the Churches’ elites—the vast majority of whom are well educated bishops, priests, minister, pastors—are so oblivious to the lust for power, the trafficking in falsehoods and the realpolitik by which nation-states de facto operate, that they sincerely believe the myth that young people are being sent to war for “God and Country”? Is the naivete of the young people who join the military to kill for “God and Country,” really the actual consciousness of the Churches’ elites who bless and support youngsters’ decision to enter into the mass homicide and mass maiming of war?

Is there not a monstrous evil taking place when old rogues in full canonical garb pretend that they are as naive about the realities, sources and causes of war as their understandably naive young parishioners are, and then send these trusting young people off to maim and be maimed, kill and be killed? If one is entrusted by Jesus to be the spiritual leader of one of His communities, Churches or parishes, what exactly is the name that should be given to his or her act of intentionally withholding knowledge that a person needs to make a morally informed judgement about a most grave moral matter, e.g., whether to participate in killing another human being? Is the accurate name for such an act deception? Or, is it betrayal? Or, is it hardness of heart?

And, for what reason is this on going, the everyday deception and betrayal of the young and naive by the Churches’ elites taking place? For another cow for themselves or for their Churches from a grateful government or multinational corporation?

How long, O Lord, how long?



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