Memorial Day Meditation: Wars begin in the minds of children – Part 3

“You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late, before you are six or seven or eight to hate all the people your relative hate, you’ve got to be carefully taught.”

Parents, themselves bound hand and foot, mind and spirit, by the most gruesome understandings of God, of God’s will and of reality have from time immemorial tried to bind their children to these same ideas of God, God’s will and reality. The brains of their little ones have been force-fed a diet of divine barbarity and good human slaughter as the truth from infancy onward. By the time they are six or seven or eight the locally particularized form of divine barbarities and good human slaughter, that the child has had to swallow as the truth, is so taken for granted to be the only realistic way of viewing God, God’s will and reality. To question these understanding is all but unthinkable. Hence, along with their chronological peers, these brutal local “truths” about God, God’s will and reality are what each child carries into the future as an integral piece of his or her identity.

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