The Kingdom of the Lamb Audio (English)

This professionally recorded retreat on the Nonviolent Jesus of the Gospels and His Way of Nonviolent Love of friends and enemies was given by Emmanuel Charles McCarthy at the Shrine of the Lamb in Knock, Ireland. It is the follow up retreat to Behold the Lamb and consists of eight presentations, which collectively contain what is considered to be the most comprehensive and spiritually profound proclamation of Jesus’ vital Gospel message of Nonviolent Love.

He takes as his central theme the Nonviolent Lamb of God and focuses on this biblical symbol and reality as the true icon and transcendental model for encountering God as revealed by Jesus, and for understanding and following the Way of God as taught by Jesus. Every Christian, every Christian Church, indeed all humanity, should ponder if what is said here about God and God’s Way as made visible by Jesus, the Lamb of God, is THE GOOD NEWS for which each human being,
consciously or subconsciously, ceaselessly yearns-if what is said here genuinely fulfils the hopes and quenches the fears, that universally reside at the deepest recesses of each human soul.

The titles of the talks are:

  1. The New Commandment
  2. The Kingdoms of the World and All Their Splendor or Diakonia
  3. Religious Self-Deception: How Evil Becomes Good
  4. Victims, Victimizers, and Those Who Profit from Victimization
  5. The Victor as Victim: The Cross and The Lamb

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