FAST FOOD: Fifth Helping

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FAST FOOD: Fifth Helping

I know of an Irishman, as staunch a Catholic as ever walked on God’s green earth, who professes his commitment to the faith by muscularly telling anyone who will listen, “I’d work with the devil himself if he would help me get the Holy Name of Jesus spread throughout the world.” This is a description of the modus operandi of the war-justifying Constantinian Churches—Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and Evangelical. It is also a description of grand spiritual illusion, that is the tragic flaw that has bedeviled for the last 1700 years these Churches, preventing them from being what Jesus wants them to be, namely, an extension of Him, His Truth, His Love and His Way in time and space. “I’d work with the devil himself if he would help me proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” is such an ludicrous approach to evangelizing that it would be thought mad if it were not the ordinary and accepted daily activity of these Constantinian Churches.

Our Irish lad above differs from these Churches on one very pertinent point: He admits to being willing to work with the devil. The Constantinian Churches, however, relabel the devils ways and means as God’s ways and means. Thereby these Churches never have to face up to the fact—and repent of the fact—that the ways and means they are using and supporting are not the ways and means reveal by Jesus as the Father’s will, but rather are the ways and means of the dark side. But, a sin left unnamed multiplies itself lavishly and far beyond any calculations available to human consciousness. And so, as war itself releases all the other evils of hell into the world in superabundance, so also the justification and support of war by the Constantinian Churches releases a gaggle of other evil spirits from hell into every level of these institutional Churches’ structures. The historical evidence of this trickle-down evil effect on the internal operation, administration and personnel of the Churches that justify their members participating in war is voluminous. As it is impossible for a Christian to kill a person without killing something in himself or herself. So also it is impossible for a Christian Church to justify its members taking part in the mass killing of people that is war, and not kill something in itself. The history of Constantinian Christianity is proof positive of this.


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