FAST FOOD (2018): Twelfth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Twelfth Helping

“Nonviolence is not one among other behavioral implications that can be drawn from the gospel but is integral to the shape of Christian conviction.[True or False?] Indeed, nonviolence is not just one implication among others that can be drawn from our Christian beliefs; it is at the very heart of our understanding of God. [T or F] If we do not think it possible to love our enemies then we should plainly say Jesus is not the Messiah. [T or F] But he is! [T or F] Therefore because we Christians may love our enemies, we must love our enemies.” [T or F]

-Stanley Hauerwas, Duke Divinity School, Professor of Christian Ethics.

T or Fs added by ECM to facilitate insight into and honesty about the supreme importance the Nonviolent Love of friends and enemies that Jesus in the Gospels lives unto death and teaches.


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