FAST FOOD (2018): Second Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Second Helping


Christians frequently think that the question of non-resistance to evil is an invented question, a question which it is possible to circumvent. It is, however, a question which life itself puts before all people and before every thinking person, and which invariably demands a solution. Ever since Christ’s teachings have been preached, this question has been the same as the question for a traveller of which road to take when he comes to a fork on the highway on which he has been walking. He must go on and he cannot say, “I will not think. I will continue to walk as before.” Before there was only one road and now there are two of them, and it is impossible to walk as before. One of the two roads must be chosen. Ever since Christ’s teaching was made known to Christians, it has been impossible for them to say, “I will continue to live as I have lived before without solving the question as to resisting or not resisting evil by means of violence.” It is inevitably necessary at the appearance of every conflict that they solve the question, “Shall I with violence resist that which I consider to be evil? Violence or not?”

-Leo Tolstoy

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