Fast Food (2015): Thirty-Eighth Helping

“Nonviolence does not work unless it is part of your very being, grafted on to your personality by struggle, pain, and self-giving love. It cannot be used as a policy, as a temporary expedient, or merely as one out of several weapons lying ready at hand. They have grossly deceived themselves who think that they are using nonviolence because they have disarmed their bodies without any disarmament of the mind. So long as resentment, malice, scorn, envy or bitterness remain, nonviolence of action will only be apparent nonviolence and cannot triumph.”

Kill or Cure?

-Muriel Lester (1885-1968)

Referencing back to Fast Food Helping 36: As Tattoo Christianity is possible, so also is Tattoo Nonviolence possible..


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