2012 – Fast Food Fortieth Helping

Unwanted truth makes for unwanted people. The Nonviolent Jesus of the Gospels proclaiming His Way of Nonviolent Love of friends and enemies is an unwanted person in His own time and today. Indeed, the Nonviolent Jesus is an unwanted God, an unwanted

2012 – Fast Food Thirty-Ninth Helping

For forty-five years I have been saying that Christian Just War Theory (CJWT) owes nothing to anything Jesus ever said or did. Jesus was Nonviolent and taught a Way of Nonviolent Love of friends and enemies, as His Way, as God’s Way and as the Way

2012 – Fast Food Thirty-Eighth Helping

Beginning with Constantine, Christianity triumphed on the level of the state and soon began to cloak with authority persecutions similar to those in which the early Christians were victims. Christianity suffered persecution when it was weak and becam

2012 – Fast Food Thirty-Seventh Helping

(Continuation of Fast Food Helping Thirty-Six) Consider a person intentionally withholding from another person with whom he or she is going to engage in consensual sex the fact that he or she has AIDS, and then engaging in unprotected sexual relation

2012 – Fast Food Thirty-Sixth Helping

Ignorance of the law is no excuse in the United States’ legal system. But in Catholic moral theology, a law that is unknown is not binding. This makes total sense because a person cannot choose for or against what he or she does not know. It is

2012 – Fast Food Thirty-Fifth Helping

Neither the Church nor the Christian has any need for war in order to accomplish all that Jesus created them for and chose them to do in this life. Indeed, war is radically hostile to all that the Church and the Christian are, should be and should be

2012 – Fast Food Thirty-Fourth Helping

If an adult places, a candy bar that a little four year old has been nurtured to like and a toy that the four year old has been nurtured to desire, in the middle of a highway, and then waits for the child to come along and run onto the road to get th

2012 – Fast Food Thirty-Third Helping

Christian de Cherge, OCSO Abbot, Our Lady of Mount Atlas Trappist Monastery Tibhirine, Algeria [The following letter was written by Christian between December 1, 1993 and January 1, 1994. It was opened by his mother in France on May 26, 1996, five da

2012 – Fast Food Thirty-Second Helping

“Go you therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey all that I have commanded you”* (Mt. 28:19-20). The following is the footnote to the above

2012 – Fast Food Thirty-First Helping

Joseph Hofer was a Christian who lived in the Christian-pacifist Hutterite Community in Alexandria, South Dakota. Christ’s teachings were for him the Command of God, which called forth obedience. Hence, when the Lord commanded: “Love one another

2012 – Fast Food Thirtieth Helping

John Leary: Hero? Saint? Icon of Jesus JOHN LEARY February 22, 1958–August 31, 1982 † A Magna Cum Laude Harvard Graduate A Summa Cum Laude Catholic Worker † A Nonviolent Follower of the Nonviolent Walker of Waves. Visible reality is but a speck

2012 – Fast Food Twenty-Ninth Helping

ST. JOAN OF ARC: HERO AND SAINT! BUT AN ICON OF JESUS? A Warning to End the Constantinian Era Not A Loophole to Continue the Constantinian Era “There is no notion of a warrior God who will lead the people in a historical victory over its enemie

2012 – Fast Food Twenty-Eighth Helping

How many Christian cathedrals, parish churches, schools have a statue, a monument or a place set aside to remember the Christians of that Christian Community who were conscientious objectors to war. I have probably seen thousands of memorials in Chur

2012 – Fast Food Twenty-Seventh Helping

Prostitution is the act or practice of men or women providing sexual services to another person in return for payment. The person who receives payment for sexual services is called a prostitute. “The practice of prostitution in the ancient Near Eas

2012 – Fast Food Twenty-Six Helping

How many youngsters 18 to 21 from lower and middle economic class environments, Christian or otherwise, who after being bombarded for the first quarter of their young lives with passionate, emotional-ladened military propaganda via every form of medi

2012 – Fast Food Twenty-Fifth Helping

“Pharaoh Tuthmose III in 1479 B.C. marched his Egyptian army north to the city of Megiddo, also known as Armageddon and left us the first detailed account of a battle. There must have been several thousand battles like Megiddo over the millenni

2012 – Fast Food Twenty-Fourth Helping

The Sanskrit word for war, ‘gavisti,’ literally means “searching for cows”, “desire for more cows.” For the American and European bankers and the controllers of multinational corporations, who bribe or blackmail Am

2012 – Fast Food Twenty-Third Helping

“When the soul is invaded by the thirst for blood, faith gives way to ideology. The religious vocabulary is maintained but the words change their content. The hieratic society that empties the name of God of all content practices a horrible pag

2012 – Fast Food Twenty-Second Helping

“The disciple of Christ must learn that love of enemies is not simply a pious luxury, that he can indulge in sometimes if he wants to feel himself to be exceptionally virtuous. It is of the very essence of the Christian life, a proof of oneR

2012 – Fast Food Twenty-First Helping

Si vis pacem, para bellum, “If you want peace, prepare for war” is not the teaching of Jesus. Indeed, it is in direct contradiction to Jesus’ teaching on the Way of peace. But, it is the principle on which every nation builds its mi

2012 – Fast Food Twentieth Helping

We condition the poor and the working class to go to war. We promise them honor, status, glory, and adventure. We promise boys they will become men. We hold these promises up against the dead-end jobs of small-town life, the financial dislocations, c

2012 – Fast Food Nineteenth Helping

Jesus taught his followers toward the end “a new commandment.” There would have been nothing new if he had merely said: “Love one another.” Most religious sects say this. Jesus added, “as I have loved you.” Dedicat

2012 – Fast Food Eighteenth Helping

“When [Thomas] Merton registered with the Selective Service, it was as a conscientious objector, though one prepared for noncombatant service on the battlefield as an unarmed medic. In such a role, he wrote in his journal, “I would not have t

2012 – Fast Food Seventeenth Helping

The Choice AND The Why of the Choice Jesus did not tell his followers to love their enemies because love would or would not work. The idea probably never occurred to him to raise the question of whether or not it was practical. He told them that they

2012 – Fast Food Fifteenth Helping

A Day of Prayer for Forgiveness and Protection with Mary, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

2012 – Fast Food Fourteenth Helping

Constantinian Christianity is the worldwide norm and the worldwide untruth about what it means to faithfully follow Jesus. Constantinian Christianity is a worldwide scourge and a Church-wide blight. Here is a recent email from a parent in England: &#

2012 – Fast Food Thirteenth Helping

(An excerpt from a letter to Bishop, later Cardinal, William Baum, (1971) “The Church in America—in fact in the West as a whole— has accepted as religion a kind of cultural syncretism, culminating in a near-perfect allegiance to the State.

2012 – Fast Food Twelfth Helping

Cowardice asks the question, “Is it safe?” Expedience asks the question, “Is it politic?” Vanity asks the question, “Is it popular?” But, conscience asks the question, “Is it right?” —Rev. Martin Luth

2012 – Fast Food Eleventh Helping

The Christian must refuse to become a soldier—that is, to be ready on another’s command to kill all those one is ordered to kill. He cannot and must not take part in anything opposed to the rule of the Master. If I, finding myself in a crowd

2012 – Fast Food Tenth Helping

-by Franz Jagerstatter “One really has no cause to be astonished that there are many who can no longer find their way in the great confusion of the day. People we think we can trust, who ought to be leading the way and setting good example, are

2012 – Fast Food Ninth Helping

William Manchester in his Pulitzer Prize nominated book, Goodbye, Darkness: A Memoir of the Pacific War, opens the door to truth a little, so that reality beyond the hermetically sealed room of blinding war propaganda in bed with Church war propagand

2012 – Fast Food Eight Helping

—By Desiderius Erasmus (1467-1536), Catholic priest, biblical scholar, theologian “That the clergy cover over this most irreligious conduct [war] with the cloak of religion renders the evil less capable of remedy. The colors in the regiments,

2012 – Fast Food Seventh Helping

Nonviolence, renunciation of domination and the consequent vulnerability are irrevocably embedded in the Church and its offices by the praxis of Jesus. When did the Church no longer venture to say that it was the Messianic location of the absolute re

2012 – Fast Food Sixth Helping

It is terrible to see how Jesus, with open eyes, let himself be impaled on the drawn knife–and yet could do no other without betraying the thing he had finally, finally brought into human history: the refusal to use violence…Jesus was nonviol

2012 – Fast Food Third Helping

Jesus told His disciples to love their enemies; He did not tell them to be good citizens. —Rev. John L. McKenzie

2012 – Fast Food Fifth Helping

“War is mass murder…Do you really believe that Christianity will perish unless it be defended by war? If we do believe that, then we have deliberately passed a vote of no confidence in Christianity. If Christianity needs this kind of defe

2012 – Fast Food Fourth Helping

Jesus’ admonition, “Render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God” is not a statement about being a good citizen. The question it demands that the hearer ask and answer truthfully is this one: “What belong

2012 – Fast Food Third Helping

Jesus told His disciples to love their enemies; He did not tell them to be good citizens. —Rev. John L. McKenzie

2012 – Fast Food Second Helping

FAST FOOD: Second Helping “Christians must become active in every possible way, mobilizing all their resources for the fight against war. Peace is to be preached, nonviolence is to be explained as a practical method, and not left to be mocked a

2012 – Fast Food First Helping

FAST FOOD: First Helping Some times, many, many time, when I address the Greatest Betrayal of Jesus by the institutional Church, the Big Lie that grew like Topsy in the institutional Church, the all permeating evil of the institutional Church that so

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