2012 – Fast Food Twenty-Six Helping

How many youngsters 18 to 21 from lower and middle economic class environments, Christian or otherwise, who after being bombarded for the first quarter of their young lives with passionate, emotional-ladened military propaganda via every form of media available, have even 5% of the cognitive and psychological resources it would take to speak the words and commit to the words presented in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgAiuHIBlVs, “I ain’t march’in any more“?

The answer: Very few. The question: Why, very few? The answer: Because the two generations before them, who nurtured them and formed their consciousnesses and consciences, withheld critical factual and moral information from them and just outright lied to them in a thousand different ways about war, its realities, sources, causes and effects. Youngsters who are Christian would receive an even more intense and spiritually virulent dose of indoctrination in these untruths, half truths and withheld truths, because they would have had bishops, priests, ministers, and pastor—the “authorize and accredited” agents of Jesus—”evangelizing” them from the cradle in these untruths and half truths as well as withholding truths about war and about Jesus and His Way of Nonviolent Love of friends an enemies. For young Christians the untruths and half-truths about war that are hammered into them daily via state institutions and corporate media are driven into the depths of their religious psyche by the Constantinian Churches going full-throttle to religiously legitimatize them, while simultaneously withholding morally pertinent Gospel truth. “I ain’t march’in anymore,” is a sentence and a commitment that it would be near impossible today for the overwhelming majority of Christian young boys and girls to say or to make, or even want to say or to make. The fusion of state, Church, media and corporate resources to seduce and capture the minds of children—for the wars tomorrow that the elites want to conduct—is a force too powerful for the vast majority of young people to individually overcome or wish to overcome.

Now, you tell me what this $100,000, thirty-second extravaganza is all about, that takes place at the beginning of every Notre Dame home football game, all of which games are nationally televised? Is it about education? Football? Proclaiming Jesus and His Way of Eternal Salvation? Glorifying the Father of all revealed by Jesus? Honoring the Mother of Jesus after whom the school is named? Or, is this just the Christian authorities of another Constantinian Christian school pulling another trick, albeit a very expensive trick, for the military, and further prostituting the Christian school as a ready concubine of Uncle Sam, when his desires move him to point and says, “Uncle Sam wants you.”


How long, O Lord, how long?



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