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FAST FOOD: First Helping

Some times, many, many time, when I address the Greatest Betrayal of Jesus by the institutional Church, the Big Lie that grew like Topsy in the institutional Church, the all permeating evil of the institutional Church that soils and spoils in some way almost all the good the institutional Church does, that is, when I speak of the brutal, ugly, violent, enmity-laced and fear-ridden phenomena in the Church called Violence Justifying Constantinianism, I am seldom, if ever, addressing it as an exclusively institutional Catholic Church act of spiritual and moral degeneracy. Almost all the Churches of Christianity worldwide—including now most of what have been called the Peace Churches—are whole-heart, whole soul, whole mind and whole strength contently wallowing in it. So to counter the perception that the institutional Catholic Church is uniquely perfidious in this area I would ask that you take a look at this brief example of decadent Violent Protestant Constantinianism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB1UifGIqaw&feature=player_embedded.

Now in no way am I trying to back-off my forty-five year critique of Constantinian Catholicism and Constantinian Orthodoxy. Indeed just today I received this email from a friend, a life long Catholic and retired Patristics scholar of significant repute.


The wackos are in the ascendancy. As part of the U.S. Bishops’ “Fortnight of Freedom,” parishes have gone crazy,esp. our own.

The Patriotic Rosary will be held this Sunday at 4 pm. The text of the service (a long one) is found at www.penitents.org .

‘Bring your flag for a blessing.’ Blasphemy.”

There is little question that the rulers of the institutional Catholic Church, at this point in time and since March 19, 2003, are leading it and its people ever more deeply into the debaucheries of the perversions of nationalism and militarism. But, the other institutional Christian Churches and their officers are, pound for pound, right up there with the Catholic Church in “Pied Pipering” in the name of Jesus the Christian children, men and women in their spiritual care into this nationalistic-militaristic spiral of moral and spiritual dissipation, depravity and wickedness.

So what are Christians to do about this mushrooming Church-State-Wall Street troika, known as Constantinianism, which is intentionally, and for no purpose related to Jesus or His mission, diabolizing the the brains of Christian children, men and women under the cunning guise that it is helping them “put on the mind of Christ?”

The Gospel truth of the Nonviolent Jesus and His Way of Nonviolent Love of friends and enemies is so far back on the back burner of important spiritual and moral issues in the Churches that the issue of whether to receive Communion on the tongue or in the hand—and every other Church and secular issue— take priority over it. But let me ask this: Is a Constantinian Church with married priests any less a betrayer of Jesus, a deceiver about His Way of Eternal Life and a perpetuator of grave evil under the auspices of Jesus name, than is a Constantinian Church with bachelor priests? Women priests? Gay priests? Lesbian priests? Transvestite priests? Bi-sexual priests? Eunuch priests? Does it really make a dimes worth of difference whether a Constantinian Church arrives at its Constantinian position and accompanying modus operandi via conservative authoritarian structures or liberal democratic structures? Having viewed many micro and macro Catholic gatherings and conventions of every ideological ilk, I can assure you that if the Nonviolent Jesus of the Gospels and His Way of Nonviolent Love of friends and enemies gets any hearing at all at these events, it is in an afternoon workshop in a classroom on the third floor—and then usually only as a social change-agent strategy or tactic. In the seventeen second video below, is the most important question to ask or the most urgent issue to address the question or issue of whether the Christian prelate depicted is a man or a woman, conservative or liberal, straight or gay, married or single? Or, is the most important question to ask and the most urgent issue to address the question and issue of what must be done to bring to an end this nonstop evil of violence and enmity justifying Constantinianism and its concomitant body, soul and mind destruction of human beings, which Christian pastors of every persuasion are ceaselessly promoting worldwide under the cover of acting in the name of Jesus?


Maybe it would also serve a purpose to put a specific name(s) on the devouring wolf or wolves to which the Constantinian Churches and their shepherds are forever throwing the young and old members of their flocks when they adamantly refuse to teach what Jesus taught about violence and enmity, or worse, when they teach the opposite of what Jesus taught and teach it in His name?


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