2012 – Fast Food Fifth Helping

“War is mass murder…Do you really believe that Christianity will perish unless it be defended by war? If we do believe that, then we have deliberately passed a vote of no confidence in Christianity. If Christianity needs this kind of defe

2012 – Fast Food Fourth Helping

Jesus’ admonition, “Render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God” is not a statement about being a good citizen. The question it demands that the hearer ask and answer truthfully is this one: “What belong

2012 – Fast Food Third Helping

Jesus told His disciples to love their enemies; He did not tell them to be good citizens. —Rev. John L. McKenzie

2012 – Fast Food Second Helping

FAST FOOD: Second Helping “Christians must become active in every possible way, mobilizing all their resources for the fight against war. Peace is to be preached, nonviolence is to be explained as a practical method, and not left to be mocked a

2012 – Fast Food First Helping

FAST FOOD: First Helping Some times, many, many time, when I address the Greatest Betrayal of Jesus by the institutional Church, the Big Lie that grew like Topsy in the institutional Church, the all permeating evil of the institutional Church that so