Captain Philip S. Mumford was a former officer in Iraq. He gave a speech about why he was against what the British were doing in Iraq. He asked,” What is the difference between throwing 500 babies into a fire and throwing fire from an airplane on 500 babies?” “There is none,” he answered. The date of his speech was January 5,1937.
Either the Bishops individually and/or as a group are ignorant of the politics and realities of war, or else they are chronically and systematically engaged in an extreme form of heinousness in order to keep the institutional Church in the good graces of the government and financially prosperous.This is done by participating, as Christian moral validators and teachers, in the process of sending those Christians whom they were ordained to nurture in Holiness as revealed by Jesus in the Gospels and whom they were to lead to eternal salvation, into the hellacious spiritual and moral environment of lethal combat with all the evils that necessarily entails The extremity of heinous is found in this: these Christians are human beings who had entrusted the care of their immortal souls to the Bishop(s) and he (or they) betrayed that trust with catastrophic spiritual, moral and  psychological consequences to them. They were betrayed by the Bishop(s) because his allegiance to the institutional Church is a higher priority for him then his allegiance to caring for the immortal souls of the “little ones” who trusted he would never lead them into spiritual or moral harm. But, there is nothing new here. The big time executives of any multi-national corporation will throw anybody and everybody—except themselves—”under the bus” for the good of the institution. But the loss to the little ones in a secular multi-national corporation who are betrayed by the executives is only a loss of those things that effect the body, whereas in the Church the loss to the “little ones” effects both soul and body.
As said previously in Fast Food Helping Thirty: “Thirteen years since March 19, 2003, and ten of thousand of Catholics from the U.S. going 7,000 miles to kill Arab people in the Middle East, millions of Arabs killed and maimed including tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands of children, and the U.S. Catholic Bishops as a unit (the USCCB), have not spoken a word to morally prohibit U.S. Catholics from taking part in this high-tech slaughter of defenseless and innocent persons post-utero.
But, the institutions of the Church and the institutions of government remain as tightly in a mutually pleasing erotic embrace as ever, and the Catholic Bishops are more eager than ever to be in the Pentagon’s kennel of well-kept moral therapy pets.
Emmanuel Charles McCarthy
P. S. Everything said here about the institutional Catholic Church and its Bishops applies to all other Just Warist Christian Churches and their leaders or rulers. The Catholic Church is simply the Church of which I have the most detailed awareness.

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