How does this Christian child 


become this Christian man?

90% of the casualties of modern war are civilians.

“Patterns in conflict: Civilians are Now the Target”

​”How can we bridge the enormous intellectual, emotional, psychological and religious gap between the friendly repairman who a few months later has become a soldier spraying fiery death upon his screaming victims, between the playful collegian who after ROTC training becomes a pilot lowering a blanket of death upon thousands in a flame-rimmed city?  Certainly not by coldly rational calculations of good and evil effects. The secret lies in conditioning via military training and not in conviction. A person is entices and then chooses to enter a military metanoia conditioning process and this by design then reduced him or her to being an obedient depersonalized homicidal agent of those above him or her in a chain of command; like Pilate, he or she washes his or her hands of all responsibility, leaving that to those who made the decisions and issued the orders.

-Gordon Zahn, PhD (sociology)

The institutional Churches, Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant, are an intimate and vital cog in the military metanoia operation, for they—through their military chaplaincies and their generally highly favorable and profitable attitude towards the military—give, what is perceived to be, Christ’s stamp of moral approval to the process and to “change of mind and heart and behavior” that military training almost universally produces. “That Christian child” does not become “that Christian man” if the Church nurtures him in the mind, the Spirit and the teaching of Jesus in the Gospels.

So is military metanoia the same as the metanoia to which Jesus calls His disciple in the Gospels? Or, is it the direct diabolical opposite, whether it is training for killing by bayonet or training for killing by artillery shell or training for killing by drone?

If you believe the military training metanoia process is in direct contradiction to the metanoia  process called for by Jesus in the Gospels, then tell your Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant bishop, priest, minister and fellow communicant to cease and desist from endowing military training for Christians with the Church’s stamp of moral approval, because under no circumstance could it ever receive Jesus’ stamp of approval.

Without military training “this Christian child” does not become “this Christian man” or woman. It is the Satanic that turns “this Christian child” into “this Christian man or woman.” It can be said with moral certainty that military training is a school for evil for anyone called by Jesus to follow Him.

-Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

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