FAST FOOD: Sixteenth Helping

What would ever possess a Church leader to teach people that these two Christian men are faithfully following Jesus, obeying what He has commanded, loving as Jesus loves, loving their enemies, doing the will of God as revealed by Jesus, following the Way of Jesus unto eternal salvation for each and all? What could motivate Church leaders to proclaim that this is a valid way of being a disciple of Jesus?

At the beginning of the Twentieth Century what induced the British bishops, priests, ministers and pastors to communicate to Christian men placed in their spiritual care by Jesus, that they had chosen a perfectly acceptable way to follow Jesus by going to India and killing and maiming Indian men, women and children by the millions for God and Crown? Was it something that Jesus said?

At the beginning of the Twenty-First Century what motivated the decade long grand silence of the Catholic bishops of the United States and England, as those Christians in their spiritual care went–with their Christians military chaplains–by the hundreds of thousands to Iraq to kill and maim Iraqi men, women and children by the millions for God and Country? Was it something that Jesus taught?

Such spiritual guidance is not limited to the Christian leaders of a couple of so called Christian nations at the beginning of the last two centuries. This is the ordinary common fare that bishops, priests, ministers and pastors have for centuries served up to those who have trusted them to teach them what it means to follow Jesus, to be His faithful disciple, to obey His teachings, to pilgrimage through life along His Way.

To be the perpetual spiritual support organization for carnage on behalf of the secular elites requires that bishops, priests, ministers or pastors of a community of human beings who proclaim Jesus of Nazareth as, “the Messiah, the Christ, the Son of the living God, the Word of God Incarnate, Lord, God and Savior,” proclaim an interpretation of the Jesus of the Gospels and His teachings that is grossly illogically and invalid by every method known for the rational interpretation of text. Yet, due to their persevering service on behalf of someone or something, other than the Nonviolent Jesus of the Gospels and His Way of Nonviolent Love of friends and enemies, 95% of the Christians who reside on earth today have been hardwired by their Churches and their Churches’ leaders into such an irrational interpretation of who Jesus is and what He teaches as the Way His disciples should live unto death and for eternity. And those 95%, who have been intentionally and calculatingly kept in the dark about the Nonviolent Jesus of the Gospels and His Way of Nonviolent Love, will–with the help of their present Churches and Churches’ leaders–hardwire their children and grandchildren into the same catastrophically destructive untruth about Jesus and His Way. And, another generation of Christians will be well primed to become trained killed on behalf of the bankers, their political puppets and the militaries. But, the Churches and the Churches’ leaders will be well taken care of for their usual obeisance and fealty to the masters of this world. No PTSD among the elites, secular or religious.


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