FAST FOOD (2018): Third Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Third Helping

Since Christian Just War Theory cannot be found in Jesus teachings, the question is, “Why didn’t Jesus include a just war theory or even a justified violence teaching as part of His Way? Did He not know about war and violence and their various justifications? Did He just forget for three years to add that to His teaching?  If Jesus visibly returned to earth at this moment would He clear up the omission He made the first time around and teach a Christian Just War Theory to His followers today?” Yes or No? What is your answer popes, cardinals, bishop, priest, minister, lay persons?

If He did return and if He were to teach a CJWT for His disciples, it would probably be called The Sermon on the Mount of Megiddo. And, while it is probable to the point of certainty that it would no more be followed by popes, cardinals, bishops, priests, ministers and lay people than His original Sermon on the Mount, it would have to go something like this—if it were not to be in contradiction with the CJWT His Churches have been teaching since about four hundred years after He rose from the dead.

“Blessed are they who engage in the mass slaughter of war only after the war is officially declared by their government. 


Blessed are they who destroy sons and daughters of the ‘Father of all’ only after calculating by some unknown method that the hypothetical good results from a war outweigh the hypothetical evil results from a war. 


Blessed are they who only maim and kill others for a just cause.


Blessed are they who use only just means to kill their fellow Christians and others in war.


Blessed are they who train to maim and kill others when told to do so by their country’s rulers. 


Blessed are they who believe and teach, “If you want peace prepare for war.”


Blessed are they who ignore My teaching of Nonviolent Love of friends and enemies when their country calls.


Blessed are they who kill and maim others only out of  Christlike love.


Blessed are they who do not kill children and civilians except under the auspices of collateral damage.


Blessed are they who lay down their lives for their friends, while trying to destroy the lives of others and their friends.


Blessed are they who know the way of peace is not what I previously taught. 


Blessed are the Peacemakers: the Colt #45 Peacemaker, the Convair B-36 Peacemaker Bomber,  the ICBM, LGM-118A, MX Peacemaker Missile, the 12 inch (300 mm) Naval Gun, Peacemaker.”

Of course it is preposterous to hold that Jesus would ever make the above alterations to His teaching, even if He returned to earth 70 times 7 times. But, if Jesus would not correct or update His teaching according to the standards of Christian Just War Theory, how is it that those who have been explicitly commissioned by Jesus to “Teach them to obey all that I have commanded you“(Mt 28:20)—popes, cardinals, bishops, priests, ministers, pastors—can be teaching such a contradictory morality in His name? Good question! How about an answer?


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