Fast Food (2015): Twenty-Sixth Helping

​Both are made of the same stuff, right?
The wealth of one is justified by the wealth of the other, right?
The violence of one is validated by the violence of the other, right?
The wealth of one is protected by the violence of the other, right?
The Nonviolent Jesus of the Gospels and His Way of Nonviolent Love of friends and enemies is as repugnant to one as to the other, right?
Both try to keep Jesus’ Way of Nonviolent Love toward all under all circumstances 
as far away as possible from the Christian’s 
consciousness and conscience, right?
When one has more than he or she needs to live while others do not have enough to live, the only way this luxury wealth can be kept from those in desparate need is with the threat and use of violence. Great wealth requires great violence to protect it. The mainline institutional Churches have great wealth, which is why—even though the One they all call their Lord, God and Savior is unequivocal that His Way and the Way for His disciple is the Way of Nonviolent Love of friends and enemies—their bishops will never teach what Jesus taught regarding violence and enmity. It is Mammon and Mammon alone that keeps bishops and their Churches from teaching what Jesus explicitly taught and substituting in its place, and as consistent with the Will and Way of God as He revealed it, a cacophonous, on-going, but very profitable show from the theatre of the absurd, titled Christian Just War Theory.
-Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

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