Fast Food (2015): Fifth Helping

Christians need falsifications of both the past and the present to make their lives as Christian Just War Theory supporters morally, spiritually and psychologically bearable. Selective memory, which remembers only the triumphs and glories of the powerful and “screens out” the agony and misery of the victims, thus creating a “false consciousness of our past and an opiate for our present,” does the needed falsifying. Authentic and accurate presentations of the miseries of the victims of war are dangerous memories for Christian Just Warists, personally and to their program of trying to make other Christians like themselves. Memories of the reality of what the spirit of Mars brings people to do to other people are dangerous memories because they reveal new knowledge of suffering, which has been intentionally submerged by the deceitful servants of Mars. They interrupt the tranquility of Christian Just War Theory consciousness and conscience. Memories of human suffering make demands on us. So, as far as the Christian Just Warist is concerned it is better that they not be known, because things that you put into your head are there forever but things about which you never heard cannot be utilized to expose deceit.


For example, Moloch is the god of child sacrifice. Asked on national television about killing 400,000 children in order to enforce the U.S. led embargo against Iraq, the U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright’s public moral judgment (5/12/96) on the matter was, “We think the price was worth it.” Over the last decade, according to UNICEF, 2 million children have been killed in war, 4.5 million disabled, 12 million left homeless, 1 million orphaned and 10 million gravely psychologically traumatized. No one knows the number of children who have been killed in utero by war in the last decade. No government or anti-abortion organization has published such figures, or has done the research to establish them. But, the number of children killed in utero in war has to be astronomical. Mars always triggers the sacrifice of children in monstrous numbers, thereby keeping Moloch’s perverted desires satisfied. Jesus says, “No”, to Moloch also. The same cannot be said for the majority of His disciples and their Church leaders.


If war and the killing of children in utero and extra utero are inseparable, then for Christians to morally justify war in the name of some cause or another is to morally justify sacrificing children in the name of some cause or another. “You can’t have one without the other!” To authentically and accurately remember this would be a most dangerous memory to the Christian moral status quo. Jesus as child-killer is impossible for even Christian Just Warists to swallow. So the memory is quashed and only the killing of children by the enemy is permitted into memory. Our home team’s orgies of child sacrifice on behalf of some cause or another, however, are kept as far outside of everyday Christian consciousness as possible by the local economic, political and media elites, and by the local bishops, priests, ministers and pastors. They manage this by never mentioning it, if possible, and when someone has the bad manners to bring it up, it is morally whitewashed, brushed aside or quashed from authentic and accurate memory by means of the morally deceitful, humanly despicable and wholly diabolical term, “collateral damage.” Christian Just War Theory always includes Christian Just Child Sacrifice Theory. Child sacrifice—killing children to achieve some end—by any other name is still child sacrifice.


My fellow Christians and you prelates of passing distinction, the Holy Trinity is not Jesus, Mars and Moloch. Mars and Moloch may be consubstantial with each other at some degree of being, but there is nothing of the Nonviolent Jesus of the Gospels in them and nothing of them in Jesus. Hence, there is nothing of the Father or the Holy Spirit, with whom Jesus is consubstantial, in them or they in the Holy Trinity. To bless the activities of the home team servants of Mars and Moloch in the name of and with the sign of the all Holy Trinity is blasphemy and false witness of the first rank.


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