Download Holy Communion_Unholy Communication An introduction: When cars continue to drive the wrong way down a One Way street causing serious injury and death, it is important to get out on that street and try to stop the cars going in the wrong dire

Abortion “Intrinsically Evil,” Capital Punishment “Morally Neutral

Kansas City, Missouri, Catholic Bishop teaches why capital punishment is a valid Christian moral choice but abortion is not.   The key concept that erroneously morally props up all Catholic

The First Joyful Mystery: The Annunciation

The First Joyful Mystery: The Annunciation   ​ In the Mystery of the Annunciation three “Yes”es are necessary. Each “Yes” has to be spoken in the context of a potentially horrific future. Mary must say “Yes” to carrying Jesus in her wo

October the Month of the Rosary: A Time for a Consideration

“The Rosary is essentially a contemplative prayer, which requires tranquility of rhythm or even a mental lingering which encourages the faithful to meditate on the mysteries of the Lord’s life”(Congregation of Divine Worship, 2001). The Ros

Trinity Site, July 16, Day of Prayer

Trinity Site, July 16, Day of Prayer Friends, Ten days from today, July 16, marks the 71st Anniversary of the entrance into the human condition of murder by nuclear energy. On July 16, 1945 at Trinity Site in the New Mexico desert the first atomic bo

Muhammad Ali as Moral Hero

Muhammad Ali as Moral Hero The tributes and accolades began as soon as the news of Muhammad Ali’s death was made public. But what is the reality behind the media hype? I can in no way buy into the media’s presentation of Mr. Ali, who had the refl

Berrigan, S.J. and Drinan, S.J.: The Grand Betrayal in Microcosm

Berrigan, S.J. and Drinan, S.J The ethics of the state are the ethics of survival. The state lives in a moral jungle. Retaliation justifies anything. The supreme good of the state is that it continues to exist; and no other good can be maintained if


Jesus of Nazareth is the Incarnation of God. Jesus is Nonviolent because God is Nonviolent. There is no separation or contradiction among Father, Son and Holy Spirit, only perfect simplicity and unity. God is One. The Will of the Father is the Will o

Antonin Scalia’s Death: A Summons to Mercy

Antonin Scalia’s Death: A Summons to Mercy by Rev. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy   Mark Twain wrote that Christianity took all the peace out of death. Strictly construed the statement is erroneous.   Nevertheless, Jesus in the Gospels and i

Antonin Scalia’s Death and the Death Penalty: A Teachable Moment

Antonin Scalia’s Death and the Death Penalty: A Teachable Moment   Over the last few days we have been subjected to a non-stop laudatory commentary via U.S. corporate media on Antonin Scalia, who died on February13, 2016. So be it. People can

GOSPEL NONVIOLENCE: OPTION OR OBLIGATION: Keeping before one’s eyes the supreme law of the Church

GOSPEL NONVIOLENCE- OPTION OR OBLIGATION- Keeping before one’s eyes the supreme law of the Church Here are two questions, which for forty years, I have been trying to get every Catholic Bishop, including Popes—not their clerical public relations

Mass on the Feast of Saint Stephen

In case you participated in Mass on this Feast of Saint Stephen or read the official Roman Catholic readings for the Mass this day, this is just a heads-up to keep you from being misled by an intentional omission in today’s readings.   The fir


Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, June 29, AD 2015   “Let’s not forget the pope has plenty of armed guards.” So reads the headline in response to Pope Francis saying that Christians should not be in the business of manufacturing weap

Hiroshima Hymn – My Name is George Zabelka by Peter Kearney

Now I am an old man, soon to meet my God My journey here is almost at an end. But before the journey’s over there’s one place I must go Can’t get into heaven till I face up to my hell. My name is George Zabelka, an ordinary man And

January 15, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday: An Accurate Remembrance

“To separate Martin Luther King from this central piece of his theology is like separating Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount. It is to fictionalize him. Human integrity and ordinary decency require that what a person gives his or her life for

Serving those who serve us…military chaplaincy…collection for the military

October 2013 – Here is the poster that has been sent out for every Catholic diocese and parish in the U.S. to display on behalf of the coming first-time-ever National Collection for the Catholic Military Archdiocese. The buzz phrase to entice p


“Where are you from, Charlie?” “Malden.” “Where are you from, Jack?” “Wellesley.” And so it was with scores of other strangers who became classmates at Notre Dame in 1958, and so it has been in normal introductory conversation through

Litany of Christ the Prisoner

V: Lord, have mercy. R: Christ, have mercy. V: Lord, have mercy. Christ, hear us. R: Christ graciously hear us. V: God the Father of heaven. R: Have mercy on us (me). … DOWNLOAD Litany of Christ the Prisoner


A CARDINAL EVIL: GOD MY WEAPON, MY AGENT OF VIOLENCE, MY INSTRUMENT OF FEAR AND TERROR -Emmanuel Charles McCarthy Swearing an oath is as commonplace among Christians as killing the enemy in war. However, in Christian minds it is nowhere near as signi

Novena to St. Marcellus

St. Marcellus the Centurion, after some years of army service, found he could no longer continue in military obedience. One day in 298, during the reign of the Emperor Diocletian, Marcellus’s unit in northern Africa was celebrating the pagan empero

Vocations and Prayer Issue 88 – Life Unworthy Of Life: Capital Punishment

The State is not a Person The State is Mindless I am not Responsible Following the crowd or following Jesus

Vocations and Prayer Issue 83 – Prayer To Live Mercifully

O God, Teach me Not to envy, to hate, to justify, to imitate, to support, to ennoble,…

Vocations and Prayer Issue 76 – To Reach Peace, Teach Peace

Long before Jesus, the Christ, appeared on earth, the Prophet Jeremiah exclaimed: The cry, “Peace! Peace!” But there is no peace (Jer 6:14, 8:11).

Vocations and Prayer Issue 72 – It is Finished A Priestly Vocation of Mercy

It is Finished A Priestly Vocation of Mercy: Fr. Edward J. McDonough’s healing ministry stretched over forty years. He was a faithful servant of Christ like mercy, and a hero of Christ like merciful love.

Vocations and Prayer Issue 70 – Franz Jagerstatter: The Man Who Chose To See

The Man Who Chose To See A Layman Picks Up The Cross of His Primary Vocation to Be a Follower of Jesus, not Simply an Admirer of Jesus.

Vocations and Prayer Issue 47 – Pope St. Hormisdas and Pope St. Silverius: God’s Solution to the Vocation Crisis?

When the Church prays for an increase in vocations, it is praying that more of those people whom God calls will say, “Yes!” to his call.

Vocations and Prayer Issue 38 – Nonviolent Eucharist

Jesus proclaimed the Commandment of love by words at the first Eucharist and by example at the Sacrifice of Calvary. Jesus does not die of a heart attack. He dies when His heart is attacked by human beings inebriated with the diabolical spirit of jus

Vocations and Prayer Issue 37 – Inaugurating a Millennium of Mercy

“It is precisely because sin exists in the world, which God so loved, that He gave His only Son, the God who is love, cannot reveal Himself otherwise than as mercy.” – Encyclical Dives in Misericordia

John Leary, February 22, 1958–August 31, 1982

IN MEMORIAM JOHN LEARY February 22, 1958–August 31, 1982 † A Magna Cum Laude Harvard Graduate A Summa Cum Laude Catholic Worker † A Nonviolent Follower of the Nonviolent Walker of Waves of Waves Please down the full sermon given by Fr. McCarthy

August 9 The Censer

August 9, 1945 A.D. is a day that will live in infamy in the history of the Church. On that day at 11:03 a.m., a 1700 year tradition of justified Christian savagery toward Christians fell to its satanic nadir, when with the prior blessings of its Cat

The Four Epistles – The only practical way to peace

Four Epistles to the Church of the Twentieth Century: Christian Nonviolence: The Great Failure, The Only Hope


Memorial Day Meditation: Wars begin in the minds of children – Part 1

THE HEBREW BIBLE Like the works of Homer, the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) was set in the late 2nd millennium BCE but written more than five hundred years later. But unlike the works of Homer, the Bible is revered today by billions of people who call

DOW-CIA: November 18, 1969-November 18, 2004

This document includes a letter written in November 2004, by Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy to the students who were expelled from the University of Notre Dame in December of 1969 for nonviolently protesting the presence on the Notre Dame Campus of DO

Abortion & War

This is an up-date of a reflection written soon after Iraq War I commenced. Neither the political-religious right nor left is interested in publishing it for very different reasons. The left because it does not want to draw attention in any way to th

Stations of the Cross of Nonviolent Love

Download or View the full booklet here This booklet contains personally assimilable and liveable meditations on specific dimensions of Christ’s Nonviolent Love as he endures each of the 14 stations of the cross, emerging finally at 15th statio

Christian Just War Theory: The Logic of Deceit

Just War Theories have been around for about 2000 years. However, they did not infect Christianity until three hundred years after Jesus’ Resurrection. St. Ambrose and St. Augustine were their original carriers into the Church. However, in fair

All things flee thee for thou fleest Me

This book, which contains 11 essays written by Fr. McCarthy, is his quintessential expression of the power and the wisdom of Gospel Nonviolence. The secondary purpose of this book is to plead with the leadership of the Christian Churches to allow the