Berrigan, S.J. and Drinan, S.J.: The Grand Betrayal in Microcosm

Berrigan, S.J. and Drinan, S.J The ethics of the state are the ethics of survival. The state lives in a moral jungle. Retaliation justifies anything. The supreme good of the state is that it continues to exist; and no other good can be maintained if

Antonin Scalia’s Death and the Death Penalty: A Teachable Moment

Antonin Scalia’s Death and the Death Penalty: A Teachable Moment   Over the last few days we have been subjected to a non-stop laudatory commentary via U.S. corporate media on Antonin Scalia, who died on February13, 2016. So be it. People can

GOSPEL NONVIOLENCE: OPTION OR OBLIGATION: Keeping before one’s eyes the supreme law of the Church

GOSPEL NONVIOLENCE- OPTION OR OBLIGATION- Keeping before one’s eyes the supreme law of the Church Here are two questions, which for forty years, I have been trying to get every Catholic Bishop, including Popes—not their clerical public relations

All things flee thee for thou fleest Me

This book, which contains 11 essays written by Fr. McCarthy, is his quintessential expression of the power and the wisdom of Gospel Nonviolence. The secondary purpose of this book is to plead with the leadership of the Christian Churches to allow the

Lenten Meditation on The Nonviolent Eucharist

The Sermon, Eucharist Is “God’s Absolute ‘No’ to Violence,” was the third in a series of weekly Lenten meditations delivered by Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, the Preacher to the Papal Household. In the sermon he states that

Gospel Nonviolence: The Indispensable Truth

Thoroughly enter into the depth of the issue of Gospel Nonviolence by pondering this reflection.