FAST FOOD 2018: First Helping

FAST FOOD 2018: First Helping Jesus then asked His disciple the most radical question in the Gospels: “Who do people say I am—no, who do you say I am?” Everything in Christianity, everything in our lives, in fact, depends on the answer we give

FAST FOOD (2018): Second Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Second Helping   Christians frequently think that the question of non-resistance to evil is an invented question, a question which it is possible to circumvent. It is, however, a question which life itself puts before all people an

FAST FOOD (2018): Third Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Third Helping Since Christian Just War Theory cannot be found in Jesus teachings, the question is, “Why didn’t Jesus include a just war theory or even a justified violence teaching as part of His Way? Did He not know about w

FAST FOOD (2018): Fourth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Fourth Helping   If you don’t want answers, you don’t ask the questions. “The majority of men do not think in order to know the truth, but in order to assure themselves that the life that they lead, and which is agreeable

FAST FOOD (2018): Fifth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Fifth Helping Isaiah 55:8-9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your

FAST FOOD (2018): Sixth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Sixth Helping   “No Christian theologian or writer prior to Constantine justified killing or Christian participation in the military.” The Early Church on Killing —Ronald J. Sider, PhD (History, Yale)   The Christian

FAST FOOD (2018): Seventh Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Seventh Helping The Post-Constantinian theological lavishing of concentration of interest upon the physical death of Jesus vitiates, by intentional de-emphasis, all of the salvific teachings of Jesus that precede His death. The pre-

FAST FOOD (2018): Eighth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Eighth Helping Unconditional faith in Jesus as the Messiah precedes His teaching of unconditional Nonviolent Love of all under all circumstances—whether they be friends or enemies. How could unconditional faith in Jesus as God’s

FAST FOOD (2018): Ninth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Ninth Helping We are disciples of Jesus who commanded us to, “Love your enemies.” It is governments that kill their enemies. We are disciples of Jesus who commanded us, “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate

FAST FOOD (2018): Tenth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Tenth Helping “If we know anything at all about the words of Jesus, we know that he was not indifferent to human pain. Fear of compromising his divinity has often kept Christians from seeing how deeply human pain entered into his

FAST FOOD (2018): Eleventh Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Eleventh Helping As I have often noted, the first word out of Jesus mouth in His public ministry is repent. The Greek word He employs and that is translated into English as repent is metanoia, which means “change your mind.”

FAST FOOD (2018): Twelfth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Twelfth Helping “Nonviolence is not one among other behavioral implications that can be drawn from the gospel but is integral to the shape of Christian conviction.[True or False?] Indeed, nonviolence is not just one implication am

FAST FOOD (2018): Thirteenth Helping     

FAST FOOD (2018): Thirteenth Helping   Guilt      Written By Albrecht Haushofer as he awaited execution     as an anti-fascist resister in Nazi Germany     The burden of my guilt before the law     weighs light upon my shoulders; to

FAST FOOD (2018): Fourteenth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Fourteenth Helping A Concise Ten Minutes on Gospel Nonviolence:               The Gift of Nonviolence time_continue=27&v=95sMSpqoSa8

FAST FOOD (2018): Fifteenth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Fifteenth Helping   A Concise Ten Minutes on Gospel Nonviolence:           Putting on the Mind of Christ

FAST FOOD (2018): Sixteenth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Sixteenth Helping   A Concise Ten Minutes on Gospel Nonviolence:         The Place of Trust in Nonviolence time_continue=30&v=Kn62xR0nQOo

FAST FOOD (2018): Seventeenth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Seventeenth Helping A Concise Ten Minutes on Gospel Nonviolence:                Resurrection Ethics time_continue=105&v=ejyU5Wjrhc o

FAST FOOD (2018): Eighteenth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Eighteenth Helping time_continue=31&v=1exNex0jr3w

FAST FOOD (2018): Nineteenth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Nineteenth Helping A Concise Ten Minutes on Gospel Nonviolence:            History and Conscience time_continue=23&v=FFRqUDD-wmk

FAST FOOD (2018): Twentieth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Twentieth Helping A Concise Ten Minutes on Gospel Nonviolence:                           Truth time_continue=30&v=7iok9V3nTxs

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-First Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-First Helping A Concise Ten Minutes on Gospel Nonviolence:                 The Church and War time_continue=34&v=bo4lhfJa_Cc

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-Second Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-Second Helping   A Concise Ten Minutes on Gospel Nonviolence:               Post Constantinian Christianity time_continue=35&v=MOQ4JAdz0Ag

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-Third Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-Third Helping A Concise Ten Minutes of Gospel Nonviolence:       The Problem of Religious Self-Deception time_continue=21&v=EwI1idPIHkc

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-Fourth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-Fourth Helping A Concise Ten Minutes on Gospel Nonviolence:             The Culpable Conscience. time_continue=26&v=OyDEDwZkgR4

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-Fifth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-Fifth Helping A Concise Ten Minutes on Gospel Nonviolence: The Logic of an Illusion: Christian Just War Theory time_continue=18&v=-TN91zcHnsE

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-Sixth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-Sixth Helping A Concise Ten Minutes on Gospel Nonviolence: Effectiveness time_continue=25&v=-ebieLANxoc

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-Seventh Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-Seventh Helping   A Concise Ten Minutes on Gospel Nonviolence:          The Mystery of Jesus and His Way. time_continue=35&v=31DxOoE4pnA

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-Eighth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-Eighth Helping A Concise Ten Minutes on Gospel Nonviolence:               Resurrection of the Dead time_continue=21&v=hlRFKtwTRRc

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-Ninth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Twenty-Ninth Helping A Concise Ten Minutes on Gospel Nonviolence:                          Real Hope time_continue=30&v=YhuswMhpBI8

FAST FOOD (2018): Thirtieth Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Thirtieth Helping time_continue=10&v=08qpZrJm60w

FAST FOOD (2018): Thirty-First Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Thirty-First Helping The most shocking fact about war is that its victims and its instruments are individual human beings, and that these individual beings are condemned by their nurturing in the monstrous traditions of politics to

FAST FOOD (2018): Thirty-Second Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Thirty-Second Helping Is Jesus just filling in time for 33 years until the stage is set for the only important event of His earthly life, namely, His death? Did He have anything essential to communicate about salvation and the Way t

FAST FOOD (2018): Thirty-Third Helping

FAST FOOD (2018): Thirty-Third Helping The Bishops of the Church claim to teach with moral certitude that Jesus’ teachings of love of enemies and the rejection of violence are just unrealistic thoughts of His, which need not to be taken too ser


FAST FOOD (2018): Thirty-Fourth Helping   Our Heroes? If a war is unjust according to Christian Just War Theory norms, then the killing in that war is unjust. The unjust killing of a human being is murder. Men and women who participate in killing pe


How does this Christian child  ​  become this Christian man? 90% of the casualties of modern war are civilians. “Patterns in conflict: Civilians are Now the Target” ​”How can we bridge the enormous intellectual


FAST FOOD (2018): Thirty-Sixth Helping A sword in the hand of a Christian is a sure sign of an unchristlike violent mind and a violent person. But a Christian does not become nonviolent merely by throwing the sword away. Gospel Nonviolence, the Nonvi


FAST FOOD (2018): Thirty-Seventh Helping Belief in a cruel god makes for a cruel man or woman. If god can be cruel to one person god can be cruel to you. No one loves a person he or she fear. No one love a god whom he or she fears. You can safely ass


FAST FOOD (2018): Thirty-Eighth Helping   A Concise Memo on Gospel Nonviolence for Daily Reference**   “Only God is good.” Only by conforming one’s will to the will of God is good possible for a human being. “God is love.


FAST FOOD (2018): Thirty-Ninth Helping Theatre of the Absurd The Final Act in Constantinian Christianity’s Tragicomedy, “Christian Just War Theory.” -Emmanuel Charles McCarthy All Fast Food Helpings are available at this URL: http:/


FAST FOOD (2018): Fortieth Helping The  1700 Year Old History of Violence Justifying Constantinian Christianity: The physical, moral and spiritual fratricidal destruction of the Body of Christ and desecration of Temples of the Holy Spirit   &n