Download Holy Communion_Unholy Communication An introduction: When cars continue to drive the wrong way down a One Way street causing serious injury and death, it is important to get out on that street and try to stop the cars going in the wrong dire

Muhammad Ali as Moral Hero

Muhammad Ali as Moral Hero The tributes and accolades began as soon as the news of Muhammad Ali’s death was made public. But what is the reality behind the media hype? I can in no way buy into the media’s presentation of Mr. Ali, who had the refl

GOSPEL NONVIOLENCE: OPTION OR OBLIGATION: Keeping before one’s eyes the supreme law of the Church

GOSPEL NONVIOLENCE- OPTION OR OBLIGATION- Keeping before one’s eyes the supreme law of the Church Here are two questions, which for forty years, I have been trying to get every Catholic Bishop, including Popes—not their clerical public relations

Hiroshima Hymn – My Name is George Zabelka by Peter Kearney

Now I am an old man, soon to meet my God My journey here is almost at an end. But before the journey’s over there’s one place I must go Can’t get into heaven till I face up to my hell. My name is George Zabelka, an ordinary man And

January 15, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday: An Accurate Remembrance

“To separate Martin Luther King from this central piece of his theology is like separating Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount. It is to fictionalize him. Human integrity and ordinary decency require that what a person gives his or her life for

Serving those who serve us…military chaplaincy…collection for the military

October 2013 – Here is the poster that has been sent out for every Catholic diocese and parish in the U.S. to display on behalf of the coming first-time-ever National Collection for the Catholic Military Archdiocese. The buzz phrase to entice p


“Where are you from, Charlie?” “Malden.” “Where are you from, Jack?” “Wellesley.” And so it was with scores of other strangers who became classmates at Notre Dame in 1958, and so it has been in normal introductory conversation through

Benedict XVI’s Resignation: Life in a System Made to Fail Jesus

Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation was but another example of the problem that the phenomenon of authority is inextricably intertwined with the phenomenon of power. Benedict was crushed by the way in which this problem is theologically, operationa

Rejection of the War Against the People of Iraq

Bishop Botean states that any direct participation and support of this war against the people of Iraq is objectively grave evil, a matter of mortal sin. Beyond a reasonable doubt this war is morally incompatible with the Person and Way of Jesus Chris

Refusal to Volunteer for Military Service on the Basis of Conscience

Do you refuse on the basis of conscience to volunteer for the military? If you would like to proclaim your refusal publicly, we invite you to use our website. You may send us a letter expressing your conscientious objection, and we will periodically

Introduction to Bishop Botean’s Pastoral Letter on Participation/Support of the Iraqi War

In this Pastoral Letter, Bishop Botean declares to those who are actively one with him by Baptism and by faith in Christ and His Church that this war is intrinsically evil and therefore morally impermissible for them. It is the equivalent of a Church