2012 – Fast Food Tenth Helping

-by Franz Jagerstatter

“One really has no cause to be astonished that there are many who can no longer find their way in the great confusion of the day. People we think we can trust, who ought to be leading the way and setting good example, are running along with the crowd. No one gives enlightenment, whether in word or in writing. As long as conditions are still half good, we don’t see things quite right, or, that we could or should do otherwise. It is not good that out spiritual leaders remain silent year after year. Do we no longer want to see Christians who will take a stand in the darkness, who are not like the floating reed that is driven here and there by every breeze, who do not merely watch what their friends do but, instead, ask themselves, “What does our faith in Jesus teach us about this?” or “Can my conscience bear this so easily that I will not have to repent, ever?”

If road signs were stuck so loosely in the earth that every wind could break them off or blow them about, would anyone who did not know the road be able to find his way? And, how much worse is it if those to whom one turns for information refuse to give him an answer, or, give him the wrong direction?”

How long, O Lord, how long?



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